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It’s Kristin and Montell, and we wanted to personally stop by and be the first to congratulate you and greet you as a new family member in the body of Christ! We’re so proud of you!

Many of you are probably viewing this because you made the best and the most important decision you have or will ever make in your life: where you’re going to spend eternity. And so, we’re excited that you have either accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior or perhaps you are returning to God based on His pursuing you, offering His mercy, His grace, His love, His forgiveness to you through His Son Jesus Christ.

So whether this is your first time saying the prayer or your 500th time, the good news is, today, you begin a brand new relationship with Jesus Christ. Once again, congratulations!


What is Scripture?

  • Scripture is the Word of God. This is the Holy Bible. It is the only book you read that reads you.

What Version of the Bible Should I Read?

  • Read the version you understand! The Bible is the best-selling book of all time and has been translated into a language you are sure to understand.
  • Use a physical Bible or download the youversion Bible app.
  • Eat every day. (Scripture is also known as daily bread. Think of how hungry you’d be if you only ate 1 meal a week; well, that’s what attending a church service once a week often provides! We need to nourish ourselves daily with the word of God, because what’s on the inside will eventually come out.)

Jesus says in Matthew 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Make prayer and scripture a part of the start of your day! This is called a Devotional. It is securing a time and space to be devoted to Our Father.


How Can I Speak to God?

  • Prayer is not a monologue; it’s a dialog. Remember, Jesus Christ is now your direct line of communication.
  • It’s a conversation; where someone is speaking, and someone is listening.
  • Make sure as you begin talking to God, you allow Him to respond.
  • Be intentional to hear with your ears but listen with your heart.

Is There a Correct Way to Pray?

If you’re not sure you’re doing it right, here’s a template to begin speaking with God. Use the acrostic A.C.T.S [Like the book in the Bible]:

  • AAdoration (Begin by telling God you appreciate being able to talk with Him)
  • CConfession (Check your heart. Clear any sin or unforgiveness that may block communication)
  • TThanksgiving (Think on the many things you are thankful for! Tell Him)
  • SSupplication (That’s a big churchy word that simply means make your specific requests. The other previous aspects of prayer show gratefulness to God before asking Him for what we need. And He already knows what you need… still He desires to speak with you!)

How Does God Speak to Me?

  • God speaks through His word (scripture/the Bible)
  • God speaks through people (prophetic and words of knowledge)
  • God speaks through nature (sunsets, sunrises, ocean waves, creation)
  • God speaks through worship (recognizing He is present)
  • God speaks through music
  • God speaks through journaling (writing down what you hear)
  • God speaks through visions and dreams
  • God speaks audibly

How Long Should I Pray?

  • Try starting your day with prayer. (Spending time at the beginning of your day invites Him into the remainder of your day)
  • Try 5 minutes. Set a timer if you must. (Once you begin to appreciate the presence of God, you’ll naturally desire to spend more quality time. Think of engaging human conversations… now multiply that times infinity! The creator of the universe desires to spend intimate quality time with YOU.)
  • Practice a set meeting time and place. (A closet, prayer room, quiet space… find a consistent meeting spot and set an appointment to meet with Jesus each day. He’ll be there waiting.)


What is Worship?

  • Worship is an outward expression of our inward condition.
  • Worship is more than music.
  • We praise God for what He’s done; we worship God for who He is. (This means our loving him isn’t based on conditions)
  • Worship is acknowledging God is present. Emmanuel: God with us. When we give ourselves to God in our thoughts and actions, inside and outside of church, we are honoring Him with our lives.

How Do I Worship?

  • Presenting God with our time. (Spending and investing time; this requires being present.)
  • Presenting God with our talent. (Serving in ministry. Finding a way to use your gifts at MPC or a local church you attend.)
  • Presenting God with our treasure. (Bringing your tithes and offering to God for the expansion of the kingdom thru His church. Where we spend our money is a strong indicator of where our heart and loyalties are.)

Jesus instructs us in Matthew 6:21, that “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

  • Worship takes the focus off us and places God at the center. Worship helps us re-center our lives!


What is Community?

  • Community is doing life together.
  • Community is gathering big and scattering small.

What Does Online Community Look Like?

  • Online community looks like taking what we experience online at MPC with living it offline in our everyday lives.
  • MPC’s definition of Online community believes “the church” is wherever you are. Church is more than a weekend experience. We come together for a common purpose to gather and then share the mission of living out what we learned.
  • MPC uses meeting from house to house as a way to use virtual technology to connect us physically. Virtual church is NOT for convenience, but for connection.
  • Virtually we encourage gathering with family and friends and your circle of influence to connect our homes all around the world.

Invite someone to experience MPC services with you in your home, or in the chat, or on your college campus or gathering place. The goal is to not experience MPC alone; we are modeling what it looks like to turn our homes into sanctuaries.


What is Discipleship?

  • Discipleship is a churchy word that means living a life that models/looks like Jesus for others to see. It’s being a witness.
  • Being a witness is sharing what you’ve seen, heard, and experienced.
  • Discipleship is pointing people back to Jesus in everything we do: marriage, parenting, business, friendships, giving, etc.
  • When we live our lives out loud to resemble Christ, we bring a little more heaven to earth and point people toward Jesus.

How Do I Become a Disciple?

  • Implement this High 5 into your daily life. This will help you grow in your faith walk with Jesus. The root word of “disciple” comes from the word discipline.
  • Read 10 Qualities of a Disciple by Pastor Dennis Rouse. It provides practical application for a more disciplined, spiritual life.
  • Welcome mentorship into your life and become accountable to a leader or a small group.
  • Watch or attend MPC services regularly and practice the disciplines that are taught. Allow yourself to be teachable.

Following these 5 steps of prayer, scripture, worship, community, and discipleship, you may consider becoming a member of Master Peace Church. This will equip you for even greater ministry accomplishments for ministry, missions, marriage, leadership, philanthropy, and other advances for the Christian Church in the virtual space.